Process Management

Axway Process Manager facilitates the design, execution, management and supervision of business processes that span multiple steps, users, applications, business units, partners, suppliers and customers. Using the graphical modeling environment, business managers can "draw" almost any logic and pattern of possible business processes, including events and triggers. Business analysts can specify attributes for process objects, and business users can monitor processes to identify and respond to changing business conditions. Because Axway's business process management, Process Manager's service-oriented architecture keeps business logic separate from technical logic, process changes are easier to implement and information systems remain aligned with the deal.

Operational Intelligence

Axway offers real-time visibility that allows IT administrators to manage SLAs, ensure regulatory compliance and avoid losses and fines that can reach hundreds of millions of dollars. Axway is event oriented and has the ability to correlate events from both Axway and third-party applications and systems. It allows you to easily create intuitive dashboards that can be displayed as a web page or a mobile device, offering your business managers and IT staff a clear visibility of all data flows, including file transfers, B2B transactions, web services, API and central location..


Axway B2Bi is an advanced B2B gateway solution to establish connections and manage information flows between your internal applications and your B2B community, both locally and in the cloud. B2Bi provides the visibility you need to find information about files and messages critical to your business and the analysis you need to be proactive, react to exceptions and improve your global business processes and SLA. Axway B2Bi can replace or consolidate existing B2B and EDI systems and integrate transactions and processes with Oracle, SAP, Lawson and other business systems, all with easy access to equipment, high security and scalability, and integrated system administration.


For data-dependent companies today, the volumes and sizes of the files they take through the digital infrastructures of the growing world are putting unprecedented pressure on IT teams to reexamine how they best They can apply MFT in their companies. Organizations that have a vision of the future see it as an opportunity to transform the MFT into an effective business enhancer that reduces cost and risk, increases compliance, efficiency and agility, accelerates marketing and opens the door to innovation through the initiatives that arise for mobile technology, the cloud and big data.

If you want to capitalize on this opportunity, you must adapt your company's requirements to specific file flow definitions and establish a central infrastructure that is dedicated to managing and ensuring the security of all file flows, in a growing universe of applications. , connected people and devices. With MFT as a shared service, you can start doing business directly without too much technical knowledge.


Axway API Management Plus provides everything your digital business needs to create, control and encourage the consumption of APIs that allow rich and omnidirectional experiences that your customers demand. With a true solution of the management of the complete life cycle for APIs that link existing systems and data with new cloud services, mobile applications and a wide variety of new features, it can also trigger a wave of digital business innovation and ensure that everything remains available, measurable and safe.